first post in english

Ok, one of my friends has persuaded me to start blogging in english. I promised her to write from time to time some of my thoughts and experience I get also in the second language so that anyone can read them – but I also promised not to stop writing in my native one (Czech). You know, I also have to take my parents and some friends into consideration and they would not like me if I stopped writing in the language I was grown up with.

So here is a small recap of the recent posts – I spent July with working and travelling throughout the whole country, I visited several cities I have been before but so loong time ago (Karlovy Vary, Karvina), I spent a lot of time with my friends from high school and also university and I also started preparing myself for a big trip – going to Costa Rica for a traineeship.

I hope you will like my blog, my pictures that are about to come soon and also keep me informed about every news that happens to you 🙂

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