train the trainer 07

Last week I attended a seminar organized by National Trainers Team of AIESEC in the Czech Republic that was devoted to improve delegates’ ability to present, explain and train other people about various topics. The important part is not the topic of training itself, but the form and delegates’ own performance in the role of a trainer.

The seminar lasted for 3 days and was divided into theoretical background, group trainings (usually in pairs) on a given topic individual training on whatever a delegate wanted to present.

I don’t want to express how many new things and tricks I learned during this exhausting but inspiring time. I wanted to point out, that you don’t learn only through receiving tips how to improve your voice or gestures, but the most you learn by actually seeing it when performed by others. It is a lot easier to get new experience and knowledge when observing and then trying it during your own presentation or training. This is why TtT is so valuable and this is why I recommend you attending such seminar as well no matter who the organizer is.

And last but not least – thanks to all participants of my group and our facilitator Meňa. It was nice, pleasant and valuable working with you.

PS. For people not being at my presentation “How to drive through a curve” I suggest you looking at this page and going especially through chapters 5, 17 and 18 🙂

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