Obecné how much for your bad habit?

Ian Ayres is just a normal guy who felt bad about his weight. He used a little research and found out that usual diets don’t work. So he made a deal that he will regularly give a certain amount of money to charity or any other institution if he was’t able to fulfil his goal.

The results were very good compared to other people trying to get slim. You can read the full story here. Afterwards he started a website where you can submit your own personal goals, update your path to and get your money back after your finish and reach your goal.

This looks to me as a brilliant idea consdering the fact that you can also specify your “referee” and “supporters” who help you in your activity. Just look at the page or go through the guided tour..

One reply on “ how much for your bad habit?”

Ian Ayres is not a “normal guy”, he’s a professor at Yale and number freak. I sort of like the idea (I even heard about alarm clock that was connected to the internet and was sending some amount of money to charity each time you “snoozed” for another ten minutes), but the economist in me has the problem with the reason: “why the hell would you just put money in something with such high risk ratio and such low profit?” 😉
That’s probably why I’m overweight 🙂

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