Latvia 08/09

Why Latvia?

Hello and welcome!

My name is Premek, I come from the Czech Republic and I am studying International Business here in Riga since September 2008. I am 25, this is my final year at the university and so I decided to have it a little special..

So why Riga?

Usually there is a plenty of reasons why you do a certain activity. As several people asked me this question in past weeks over the time I’ve come up with some answers:

  1. For a long time I was thinking of going to the Baltics because of its natural beauty, old architecture and castles from medieval age and also cold weather.
  2. I met some Latvians 3 years ago, we talked a lot about the country and I just wanted to visit them.
  3. RSEBAA (the school where I study now) just recently signed an agreement with my university and thus I supposed only few people would for this school.
  4. One of my friends, Lucka, has studied here 2 years ago and this meant that I will not go into completely unknown place and I will be able to have some connections even before my arrival.

Things went well and last week I left Prague for another capital, this time a lot far north..

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