Latvia 08/09

The fridge

Since my arrival to Riga the weather was the main topic of any conversation.

My questions concerned possible frozen sea during the winter, lowest January temperatures and common amount of snow in the city. Beginning of September was very sunny and I thought of nice trips into the countryside. However, things changed quite rapidly.

Everyday locals talk about terrible cold which is not common for this time of the year. I can handle low temperatures well, but I was not prepared for the fact that I will have the same cold air will be in our flat. The heating is not working yet as this is a decision of the government. Official news are that heating season starts if temperature does not rise above 8 C for three consecutive days. Usually this occasion comes in the second half of October. What surprised me more, local people are afraid of beginning of heating season. Reason? Prices were increased by 30% compared to last year.

Having cold flat is good for your fruit or vegetables because it has no possibility to rot in these conditions. The bad thing is that you become vegetable as well.

Today I wanted to buy a thermometer and start regular measurements. However, in 3 shops that I visited, there was no such thing as this. But I was told these things are available only through specialized shops, so I need to search more. Or perhaps go to outdoor shop and buy a sleeping bag..

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Poor you… I can imagine how it feels in this time, as even goverment most probably hopes for little better weather conditions, it is really too early for heating and such expenditure…
Check Central Market for thermometer 🙂 They used to have a lot of such stuff at the very end of the market, if you go from the side of bus station.

Indeed, a bit of fridge inside. Therefore you have right now an opportunity to test yourself in harsh conditions. Anyway, use your CPU as a Heat source (Heating device) =).

And seriously, keep warm and healthy.

Doporucuju si misto spacaku koupit primotop – na tom jsem prezila Lotysskou zimu ja 😀

Thank you for replies 🙂
Thermometer has been bought and showed 15C in living room and 14C in bedroom, however I accuse it of cheating. Now the heating is working and everyone is happy 🙂
To Lucito: nastesti nam uz topit zacali, takze staci bezna prikryvka.. Ale spacak se hodi i na vylety..

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